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Co-Driver Accounting & Bookkeeping

Business Accounting Solutions

Business Accounting Solutions

Payroll, accounts receivable & accounts payable, and preparation of financial statements are just some of the day to day bookkeeping services our experienced bookkeepers provide for our clients. Our bookkeepers and accountants can provide accounting services on both a permanent and temporary basis. We are available on short notice and can handle your short-term and long-term accounting needs efficiently and accurately.

Our clients know that working with us is a more affordable, professional way to maintain their accounting system than working completely with hired personnel.

  • We charge a competitive rate for our services, and deliver an even higher value to our clients. Our fees and billing arrangements are fully discussed prior to the rendering of initial services.
  • We can bill by the hour, or if you prefer, we can bill a flat monthly fee.
  • Our fees start at $25 per hour for bookkeeping and accounting services and vary depending on the complexity of the work.
  • Special accounting projects can be billed by the job or by the hour.
  • Repetitive assignments and long-term clients are usually invoiced weekly with payment terms of net 10 days.
  • New clients receive the 1st hour of ongoing accounting maintenance at no cost.
  • Initial consultation – first hour at no cost

Please contact us if you would like our experienced bookkeepers to ease your administrative burden by performing some of your day to day bookkeeping activities.

Our Services Include:

Accounts Receivable Management

We will process invoices, handle cash receipts, prepare and mail monthly statements and provide you with monthly aging reports. We will also reconcile your accounts receivable each month.

Accounts Payable Management

In addition to processing and prioritizing your payables, we will provide you with monthly aging reports and reconciliation of your payables. We also offer a check writing service.

Bank Reconciliation

All your bank and credit card statements will be reconciled each month. If you have internet features with any of your accounts, we can save you time by downloading them directly into your accounting system before reconciliation.

Month End Closing

In addition to reconciling your accounts payable and accounts receivable each month, we will also reconcile your other balance sheet accounts and review the income and expense accounts for accuracy. We will do any adjusting and recurring journal entries that need to be done.

Financial Statements and Management Reports

We will provide custom designed financial statements and management reports. Do you want previous year comparison statements, or current period and year to date comparisons? Tell us what bookkeeping reports you need and we will design them to your specifications.

Year End Accounting

We can simplify things at the end of the year for you by conducting a year end review of your books and gathering the information for the annual audit and/or tax returns. This consists of, but is not limited to, analyzing the balance sheet and income and expense accounts, making any necessary adjustments and preparing schedules, with the appropriate backup, for all the balance sheet accounts.

Fixed Asset Management

Managing fixed assets can be a time-intensive process that you probably would like to forget about but can’t afford to ignore.

We can set up a fixed asset management system that is easy for you to use, or we can manage it for you.

Fixed Asset Detail would include: purchase date, serial number, and manufacturer, as well as life of asset and depreciation method.

Depreciation would be calculated monthly or annually. We can also project the depreciation expense for future periods.

Accumulated depreciation and book value will also be calculated.

Cash Flow Projections

Cash management is crucial. When will your receivables come in? Are you paying your bills too quickly? Will you be able to meet next month’s payroll? How much cash will you have in 3 months? Will you need a bank line of credit this year?

Cash flow projections work in conjunction with your financial statements to provide the answers to these questions.

Working closely with you, we will prepare cash flow projections that will alert you to any cash shortages that may lie ahead, providing you with enough time to develop appropriate strategies.

Other day to day bookkeeping services include:

  • Payroll Preparation
  • Monthly and Quarterly Payroll Tax Filing
  • Corporate Quarterly & Yearly Tax
  • Miscellaneous Bookeeping and Administrative Work

Major Credit Cards Accepted.

Major Credit Cards Accepted