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Co-Driver Accounting & Bookkeeping

Personal Accounting Solutions

 Let Our Professionals Fix Those Tax Headaches

The Main Ingredient of Financial Success is Excellent Bookkeeping.

Co-Driver Accounting was created with a mission to provide superior quality, professional tax preparation and financial services at reasonable costs. Our goals are to save our clients money, to save our clients the aggravation associated with preparing and filing tax returns and to save our clients their valuable time. Our clients save money, time and aggravation by having us prepare their federal and state tax returns.

Here are three key financial reports that will help summarize your financial activity:

  • Profit & Loss Report
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Report


Profit & Loss Report
This report is also known as an Income Statement. It summarizes income and expenses so you can tell if you are operating at a profit or a loss.

Balance Sheet Report
A Balance Sheet summarizes financial positions. It shows the value of assets, liabilities, and equity. It is called a balance sheet because the value of the assets is always exactly equal to the combined value of the liabilities and equity.

Cash Flows Report
A Cash Flows report shows how your cash position changed over a period of time. It shows the amount of cash earned from profit, where you received additional cash, and where your cash was spent.


Federal & State Income Tax
We simplify things at the end of the year for you by conducting a year end review of your records and gathering the information for completing your federal and state income tax returns.

Income & Expense Statements
Custom report designed to show your expenses verses your income which is a great tool to track your finances.

Checking Account Balancing
All your bank and credit card statements will be reconciled each month. If you have internet features with any of your accounts, we can save you time by downloading them directly into your accounting system before reconciliation.

Expense Tracking & Budgeting
We provide you with a clear view of your expenses to assist you with budgeting and Pay your bills on a timely basis

Personal Accounting Solutions

We offer a wealth of senior level tax expertise, as well as the speed, efficiency and accuracy of our state-of-the-art proprietary tax software coupled with the expert review of our Quality Control group (staffed by qualified senior tax personnel)…ensuring that each page of your tax return is accurate and complete.

Our objectives are: (1) eliminate unnecessary tax research time, and (2) provide you with simple interpretation of the tax code.

In both instances, our ultimate goal is to save you money. Now we can’t make taxes go away and understand filing taxes is one of those things you can not avoid, but one we can make less painful.

Major Credit Cards Accepted.

Major Credit Cards Accepted