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Co-Driver Accounting & Bookkeeping

Financial Advising

Co-Driver Accounting & Bookkeeping Services financial advisors help individuals identify their distinct financial needs and objectives and then recommend plans and products to help achieve goals.

Keep On Trucking With Ease…
Place your finances in reliable hands

Financial Advising

Co-Driver Accounting & Bookkeeping Services provides exceptional bookkeeping services for the trucking industry nationwide. We provide several color customized reports consisting of multiple graphs which assist drivers by providing an easy to read view of your bottom line.

Going the EXTRA MILE is still our Number One JOB PRIORITY!

CABS will also reconcile your expenses and make your profits stand out. We assist you in achieving your financial goals by providing you with the best and most cost effective reports.

We continue to maintain accuracy and strive for a common goal of success, not only for CABS, but also for you!

Benefits of
CABS Financial Advising:

  • We’re concerned about our client’s welfare
  • We can advise you on important business decisions
  • We help our clients grow
  • We alert you to potential problems
  • Quick response to all your questions and phone calls
  • Keep business records from getting out of control
  • Stay out of trouble with the IRS
  • Workable solutions to IRS problems
  • Representation at IRS Audits